" Helping States and Governments in their fierce struggle against poverty, violence and underdevelopment with a particular focus on reforms that allow them to do it by their own efforts "

To understand the meaning of our approach, please read:

‘’Le Combat contre la pauvreté : approche tridimensionnelle pour vaincre le sous-développement ’’ (The Fight against Poverty: a three-dimensional approach to overcome underdevelopment.) translation follows. Author: Dr Prosper Pitcholo 

Girolle Communications is a Canadian registered company incorporated in 2014, to promote the ideas of the book ‘’Le combat contre la pauvreté: approche tridimensionnelle pour vaincre le sous-développement’’, (The Fight against Poverty: A Three- Dimensional Approach to Overcome Underdevelopment, translation follows), book published by Dr. Prosper Pitcholo. This book mainly aims to demonstrate that developing countries are able to undertake necessary reforms to fight poverty, violence and underdevelopment by theirs own strengths (efforts).

These efforts require reforms and modernization of the state structures. Girolle Communications, through international conferences scheduled in advance and on demand motivational conferences, wants to work with governments and motivate them to make the decisions that matters, for present and future generations.

Our contribution goes beyond motivation and provides expertise and training in specific areas to governments, national assemblies, institutions and political parties of countries, particularly those in Africa who choose to do the required reforms.

Girolle communications made an analysis of the situation of African countries since the independences and noticed that despite efforts, victory over poverty is still pending. Poverty has as a corollary, the violence that breaks up here and there on the continent, destabilizing countries and may annihilate development efforts undertaken for years. In this situation, one question arises: where will African countries be at the end of the next half century if poverty and violence continue to grow at this pace?

At Girolle Communications we think that underdevelopment is not an insurmountable fatality. We especially think that the fight against poverty must come from each country and its people through the implementation of the courageous reforms needed. Poverty undermines all the efforts granted by countries for decades for their development. The cycle of violence must be broken by specific reforms to prevent violence outbreaks from keeping being fed. All the reforms find their legitimacy from the local populations. No country can rely on foreign countries’ help to get out of underdevelopment. Solutions exist, and they are in the genius of each people, unless they are clearly identified, well-suited, well explained and well applied in accordance with the level and the realities of each nation.

Girolle Communications offers a three-dimensional approach to control poverty and underdevelopment. The first dimension is the solidarity and sharing one. It recommends the redistribution of the public wealth through governmental programs. The second dimension is the accountability one. It must be done under a fair and equitable tax system. The third dimension is the transformation of the structures of the society through a gradual and continuous modernization, in order to create jobs, real means to fight against poverty.

Our objectives are carved in the thoughts of Confucius who said: ‘’When a man is hungry, it is better to teach him how to fish, rather than giving him a fish’’.

These reforms are possible only if the population is registered in a reliable social security number system. Every person can indeed be known and identifiable in his needs and his abilities. This is the only condition under which the government’s intervention will be targeted and effective.

Development is a gradual and slow process that must be earned step by step, but it is a very demanding process that should not be taken lightly. We must be sure that the next half century will not be lost for African populations or at the top of the development efforts, all initiatives will be ruined by violence that is deeply rooted in extreme poverty.

How can a developing country full of political will to fight poverty and underdevelopment can undertake reforms while improving the employment situation and free enterprise? This is the challenge we invites you to face in adopting courageously our innovative solutions. For the past 50 years, attempted solutions have not yielded the desired results. There is no doubt in our minds that the people concerned are ready to face the challenges of the transformation of their society. This requires identifying the reforms, adapting them, applying and communicating adequately so that population can easily accept them.

Governments, national assemblies and political parties have to seize the unique opportunity they have been given, to ease the suffering of their people and build foundation for a strong and modern nation. A nation that appeals to everyone’s contribution and takes care of all her children.

It is absolutely essential to reverse the curve of poverty and curb violence on the continent. The next half century is summarized in this Shakespearean paraphrase: To exist or not to exist. That is the question.

Girolle Communications offers several services to governments, national assemblies, political parties, institutions, non-governmental organizations, universities, and to the public. Our services are related to reforms meant to fight poverty in developing countries. We offer:

Communication through conferences on relevant identified topics

  • International conferences usually held in Canada. These conferences are opened to all and scheduled in advance on our website.
  • Motivational conferences on demand and delivered in the applicant's country

Expertise for the selection or the implementation of reforms a program or the communication strategy, 

Publishing : Books and other publications related to the fight against poverty and underdevelopment, 

Studies: Preliminary draft laws, draft laws, feasibility studies, monitoring and evaluation of reforms and programs. 

Trainings: Seminars and symposium to optimize the operation of the new structures emerging from reforms.


We accept invitation from universities for a specific training on the approach we develop to fight poverty and underdevelopment.

Africa is geographically in the centre of all continents and therefore it can be considered regarding its position as the heart of the world. And with a population of over one billion people, if Africa is doing very well, other continents will have a strong partner with whom to exchange simply due to its proximity. But if Africa is plagued by poverty and violence, other continents will inevitably suffer the effects of this situation.

The best help a country has to give itself today is to concentrate on its own strengths to fight poverty and violence which slows its development. It should not be forgotten that it is by learning how to fish that we become truly self-sufficient. And the decision to learn how to fish will never come from the outside. The last half century has proved it sufficiently. But developed countries, for their own well-being, must encourage African countries to make the necessary and genuine reforms for a true development.

An African proverb says that: ‘’a child who does not want his mother to sleep, will not sleep neither.’’ It's time to dare thinking outside the box and undertaking reforms and programs that will restore confidence to the so long disillusioned people. Political leaders and people of the concerned countries must face their destiny and make the best decisions for themselves. Our role at Girolle Communications is to accompany them on this path.

We organise two types of conference for governments, organizations, institutions and the public:

International conferences usually held in Canada and opened to all: governments, political parties, national and international institutions, organizations, businesses and the public.

Our International conferences involve a specific and essential issue in the implementation of reforms. Generally, topics we cover in our scheduled conferences, follow a chronological order that we consider essential in the implementation of reforms, to maximize chances of success according to the approach we have chosen. Conferences are scheduled in advance on our website and registrations are accepted as soon as they are announced. 

The goal is to enable Canadian and foreign experts to explain to participants all aspects of the topic of the conference. Why is it necessary to implement such a reform? What are the advantages and disadvantages faced by nations that have opted for such a reform? Which system of management should be used for such a reform? Fields of application. Security systems and protection, confidentiality and acceptability of the population. Tools will be available if practical demontrations are required. 

It is also an opportunity to meet with companies that are able to help you set up computer systems to support these reforms and programs. They will explain computer architecture of similar systems in place in different countries to you with the benefits and challenges. They will discuss protection systems and all kinds of questions related to the reform with you. This is an opportunity for participants to discuss with these companies and establish mutually productive business relationships.


Motivational conférences
This kind of conference is on request at any time. Topics are chosen by the applicant and the conference is issued at his request in his country, provided that our experts are allowed to go there. The Canadian authorities’ advice is only valid in such a case. The applicant is therefore responsible for the organization and participants.

You can request a conference by contacting Girolle communications through this website. A file will be opened and when all conditions are met, a date will be set for the conference.


All the conferences are designed to help governments, parliaments, political parties, individual associations and group of associations, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, banks, insurance and reinsurance companies, to make or help make decisions in order to undertake reforms to fight poverty and underdevelopment according to the approach supported by Girolle Communications.

Our conferences are primarily intended to motivate our partners, to fully explain the merits and feasibility of the reforms, to discuss all aspects of the reforms including the less positive aspects to help make relevant choices, based on the situation and the financial resources of each country and to propose ways for strategic reforms, according to the rhythm of each country.

We also offer conferences and training to universities, which want to motivate and train managers and future managers with the approach we develop at Girolle Communications to control poverty and underdevelopment.

Before ordering a conference, we urge you to read the book ‘’Le combat contre la pauvreté: approche tridimensionnelle pour vaincre le sous-développement’’ of Dr. Prosper Pitcholo (The Fight against Poverty: A Three-Dimensional Approach to Overcome Underdevelopment. Translation follows)

  • Recording & Social Security Number system. Why?
  • Social Programs & Poverty
  • Tax system & Poverty
  • How to reform tax system smoothly
  • Tax system: Decentralization & Territoriality
  • Tax system : Conditions & Advantages
  • Tax system & Illiteracy
  • Statistics, Governance & decision making
  • Tools for Decision making
  • Standardization: Development or Burden?
  • Economic environment & Investors
  • The role of banks in the fight against poverty and fraud
  • How to face the challenge of University Education financing
  • Health and Education for all: Is it an Illusion?
  • Student Permanent Identification Number : Why?
  • Health Insurance Number & Health control
  • Reforms & Jobs
  • Jobs & Protection
  • Securing Agriculture: A Vital Need for A Nation
  • Agriculture Insurance: The Key for Agriculture Development
  • Insurance & Precariousness
  • The Media & Corruption
  • Security & Development
  • Executive, Legislative and Municipal Power : Tools to Fight Against Poverty
  • Crisis Management and Environment: Preventing Future Disasters
  • Politics & Social Justice

Other topics will be added further to new publications and experts we recruit.

Please contact us before selecting a topic. 

International conferences are scheduled in advance and held in Canada with experts of this country.

Motivational conferences are held in the applicant's country. The preparations may take 3 months to 1 year

A conference is programmed for 2016


Population Registration System by a Social Security Number: Basic Tool for the Development of Social, Tax and Security Policies

Date: From March 15 - 18, 2016

Venue: Congress Centre of Delta Hotel, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada


1. What is A Registration System?

    • Historic, Changes over time, countries specificities
    • Situation and challenges in developing countries

2. Social Security Number Management Body 

3. Social Security Number Fields of application

    • Social : social programs, employment, black jobs,
    • Tax system  : income statement, tax, tax credit,
    • Security : security, local and foreign population, election, crisis management

4. Other Fields of application of Social Security Number: Civil use, bank, credit history, loans, statistics, and more…

5. The benefits or advantages of a population recording system

6. Which computer architecture for a recording system?

7. Population registration system security

8. Privacy, personal information, Protection and population trust


  • 1,050 CAD (Excluding the accommodation, meals and transportation from the airport)
  • 1,950 CAD (all-in)
  • Prices for the group and students, contact us at info@girolle-communications.com

(All-in price include: cost of the conference + documents, Hotel 4 nights +Breakfast and lunch buffet, reception airport and round-trip transportation Montreal/Sherbrooke, Sightseeing tour of the city, individual public transport card)

Language: French (translation in English. Another language when asked)

Register Now (Limited Places)

Expertise begins when a government needs our help to implement a reform

If the reform is not yet chosen, we may intervene in the brain storming to help make a choice, the application sequence, find a timing and a communication strategy.

The choice of a reform can also be made or confirmed following our conferences.

With the expertise, it is the practical phase of reforms and programs that begins:

Confirming choices, studying the draft laws, studies and monitoring assessments.

Topics covered

The subjects of our expertise are the same as those covered in our conferences.

Our focus is on the fight against poverty and underdevelopment by the three-dimensional approach developed in the book of Dr. Prosper Pitcholo, using endogenous efforts.

Our experts will assist you through the process of reflection, identification, decision-making, studies, draft laws writing, the legal process, lobbying, the establishment and implementation of reforms and programs, the communication strategy and the monitoring and assessment.

Each country has its own specificities and our experts don’t know them better than yourself. So they are not there to do the work for you but to help you to target the focal point of the reforms and avoid the pitfalls that can arise, by sharing the experience of other countries, help you to adapt them with your realities, while not losing sight on the objectives of the reforms and programs you want to implement.

After choosing the reform, another challenge is to gain the population acceptance. Our experts will also help you define communication strategies for a smooth implementation.

Our experts will provide you with the support you need, based on their experience, the examples of other countries, and the problems they experienced themselves in the implementation of these reforms to allow you achieve optimal results.

We offer our expertise to:

  • Governments,
  • National assemblies,
  • Political parties,
  • Individual associations, group of associations,
  • Pressure group,
  • Universities,
  • Non-governmental organisations,
  • National and international organizations,
  • Donors of public assistance

Any other relevant organization. 

Our experts have a proven competence and great experience in the requested areas. They have worked for long time in governments or in private companies or are simply academics. They are able to help you in their field of competence.

You will have all the information about the expert prior to his arrival.

We provide three types of expertise

  • Short term expertise ( maximum of 30 days)
  • Middle term expertise ( maximum of 90 days)
  • Long term expertise ( up to one year and more)
  • You have expertise in a specific field that interests us according to our list of topics, you have a long working experience in the implementation of a program or reform. 
  • Your expertise is not listed but is relevant to control poverty, violence and underdevelopment based on the efforts of each country as indicated in the approach we are promoting. 
  • This approach is described in the book ‘’Le combat contre la pauvreté: approche tridimensionnelle pour vaincre le sous-développement’’ (The Fight against Poverty: a three-dimensional approach to overcome underdevelopment, traduction follows).
  • You want to bring your time assistance to the government of a developing country that wants to fight poverty through reforms and modernization of his society
  • You have skills in program evaluation
  • You have a good knowledge in developing countries or have already work there
  • You are available and can you can plan your trip according to your holidays, your sabbaticals or even your retirement

No matter where you live, contact Girolle Communications to join our list of experts. 

Types of expertise needed:
- Government programs related to redistribution
- Tax system
- Social Insurance Number
- IT Solutions
- Credit risk analysis
- Income
- Bankruptcy and Insolvency
- Privacy and information protection
- Electoral Process
- Communications
- Policies, associations and pressure groups
- Statistics
- Polls and surveys
- Civil Security
- Health, mother and child health
- Epidemiology
- Professional Orders
- Insurance
- Volunteering and Foundations
- Philanthropy and Sponsorship
- Education
- Training & jobs relationship
- Jobs
- Employment Insurance
- Labour Standards
- Health and security at work
- Agricultural Insurance
- Agricultural Cooperatives
- Agricultural financing
- Security
- Media
- Standardization
- Economic Planning
- Accountability
- Auditors of Public Accounts
- Crisis Management
- Environment
- Environmental Assessment
- Human Rights
- Legal Aid

We are opened to any proposal that would help countries to fight poverty and underdevelopment

We publish books sold on the internet to help developing countries.

If you want to publish your book through our medium, be aware that:

  • We have a network of readers,
  • We can obtain the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and register your book with Canadian Libraries.
  • We can produce, store and distribute your book on the Internet.

Our publications are related to the problems of developing countries.

Contact us before submitting your manuscript.

Our goal is to translate our books in as many languages as possible. If you have an interest in the translation of one of our books or want to distribute it, you may contact us.

We offer non-credit training sessions in the form of symposium and seminars, for governments who choose to reforms or to implement some programs. These courses help countries to adjust their strategy. The fight against poverty is a permanent fight and the methods are constantly evolving. Symposium and seminars provide an update for a better dynamics. Most reforms are outlined in the book ‘’Le combat contre la pauvreté: approche tridimensionnelle pour vaincre le sous-développement’’ (The Fight against Poverty: a three-dimensional approach to overcome underdevelopment, traduction follows). 

  1. Seminars and symposium involving officials assigned to the reforms from several countries. Specialists are assigned to each training.
  2. We also offer specific training and targeted support for the implementation of reforms
  3. Our courses cover theoretical sessions and can include practical sessions
  1. The training is on demand in the applicant’s country.
  2. Several countries can join together for a training.
  3. We can meet the demand of some universities for conferences or special training.
  1. We generally offer short-term training, about a week.
  2. Some courses may take more than a week depending on the applicant’s need 
  1. Le Combat contre la pauvreté : approche tridimensionnelle pour vaincre le sous-développement (The Fight against Poverty: a three-dimensional approach to overcome underdevelopment.) translation follows. Author: Dr Prosper Pitcholo

This book outlines the necessary reforms to overcome poverty, violence and underdevelopment by endogenous efforts especially in African countries.

Other book projects will be published in due course


Mars 2015 :

  • 26 march 2015 : Conference at Sherbrooke University Agora Hall at 2500 Boul de l’université Sherbrooke

Topic: Where will Africa be at the next half century by 2065?

  • 28 march 2015 at 13:30 : Book Launching : Le combat contre la pauvreté at Sherbrooke Library Eva Sénécal Hall 3 at 450 Rue Marquette Sherbrooke


March 2016: Population Registration system by Social Security Number: Basic tool for the development of any social, tax and security policy

Other conference projects will follow 

In Progress
Thank you for your interest in Girolle Communications. Please contact us using the information below.